Classico Restaurant
Caldera, Fira
Santorini, 84700, Greece
+30 22 860 23 112


We only care about your safety.

Our main priority is the safety and health of our guests and our team members.

Our restaurant, being fully functional, reopened on May 22, 2021.

We have taken all the latest measures and we are strictly following all the instructions issued by the Greek Government and the Ministry of Health, against Covid 19.

Our staff is well trained so as to offer you a safe and impeccable experience in Classico Restaurant.

We have taken in place all the necessary precautions and measures which we review and improve constantly. In particular:


All our staff wears masks and are subjected to weekly covid self-test.


There is a safe distance of 2 meters between the tables.

When sitted, you are provided with sanitizer dispensers, situated on the table, for your personal use.

In order to comply with government guidance, and our own distancing policies, parties are to be limited to a maximum of 6 guests per table.

Our menus are being disinfected while guests rotate at the tables.

Our kitchen staff works at designated socially distanced workstations to avoid prolonged close contact, as provided by the health authorities.

Entry to the kitchen area is not allowed for those whose work is not related to the kitchen.

Hand sanitizing is taking place prior to entry and after leaving the kitchen area (fixed or non fixed hands sanitizer dispensers). 

All food hygiene measures are being applied throughout any food transportation in the kitchen.

All food hygiene measures are being applied for the utensils collection and disinfection, already used by the customers.