Classico Restaurant
Caldera, Fira
Santorini, 84700, Greece
+30 22 860 23 112


Since 1998, up until today, Classico’s brand name has been established on the island of Santorini for its high quality standards, its finesse, and its refined flavors. 

Today, Classico restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Santorini Island.

Classico’s location constitutes an incomparable advantage, since it is situated in the most central point in Fira… In the heart of the Caldera.

The route which leads to the restaurant is picturesque as you need to pass through the main cobbled street of the Caldera, known as Gold Street.

The Classico infrastructure seems like as if the building is climbing on the Caldera of Fira, in a very privileged point, on the volcanic rock. Being built in two levels, has a special architecture which offers a unique panoramic view that “takes your breath away”.

Being in Classico you may enjoy the majestic atmosphere of Caldera in total, having right in front of you the Volcano and a view which is spread from the Lighthouse up to Oia and Thirassia.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day at Classico is the sunset time. 

Santorini’s sunset is unique and its view from Classico is simply… incomparable.

Classico’s spot is one of the most photographed places of the Caldera.

The sensation of a sunset at Classico is magical!


At Classico you may enjoy an inspired Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with refined flavours.

Quality stands as a non-negotiable value for Classico’s creators.

The ingredients are chosen with high quality criteria and the flavours are unpretentiously true and refined.

In our wine cellar you may find a great variety of wines from local and Greek vineyards. We have selected exceptional labeled wines according to the dishes of our menu so as to offer you the best combination for your meal.

Classico’s exquisite ambience and our eclectic service will complement your experience in our space.